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Clinical Information

Clinical Information

Clinical information in medication management incorporates:

  • Access to evidence based medicines information and clinical resources e.g. guidelines, Cochrane reviews, Scottish Intercollegiate Network.
  • Clinical information relevant to scope of practice from other health professionals (HP) e.g. multidisciplinary case conferencing, hospital transfer letters.
  • Co-ordination of timely medication reviews and chart rewrites.
  • Residential Medication Management Reviews.



Demonstrate understanding of:

  • the importance of accessibility of clinical information to all relevant HP – available information to match scope of practice
  • the reasons for including indication for prescription on medication chart
  • risk-benefit analysis, and
  • location of resources.


Demonstrate ability to:

  • record of clinical information
  • integrate knowledge into practice, and
  • access appropriate clinical information in a timely manner.


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