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Delegation & Supervision


Delegation and supervision of medication management incorporates:

  • Delegating and supervising medication-related activities to appropriately qualified staff.
  • Managing the activities of clinical nursing staff e.g. rostering and performance appraisal.
  • Acting as a role model to less experienced nursing team members.
  • Accountability for delegation decisions.
  • Responding to changes in role which require increased delegation.
  • Ongoing assessments of a resident's ability to self-administer medications.


Demonstrate an understanding of delegation and different models of delegation.


Demonstrate ability to:

  • collect evidence to assess readiness to accept delegated tasks
  • manage people – counseling, coaching, mentoring, preceptorship
  • undertake performance appraisal
  • assess competency in self and others, and
  • build and maintain appropriate and efficient communication channels with team members.


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