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Links & resources 

NPS DUE toolkits have been endorsed by the Royal College of Nursing, Australia for Continuing Nurse Education points. Completion of these activities may contribute towards CPD.

Workplace training

Accreditation standards and Process and Results booklet

Page 18 of this document includes some stimulus questions regarding planning and implementing workplace training.

Continuing Professional Development

Continuing professional development registration standard

Continuing Professional Development FAQ for nurses and midwives

This Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia outlines the minimum requirements for CPD.

RCNA 3LP program

The 3LP program for the RCNA provides a mechanism for registered nurses to diagnose their learning needs and record professional development activity. RCNA members are able to access the 3LP program as part of their membership. Non-members can access 3LP on payment of an annual subscription (~$275).

Medicines information


RADAR is published periodically throughout the year and provides evidence based information about new drugs, new and/or changed PBS listings and research for health professionals. You can subscribe to an email update for RADAR.

Educational materials for residents and families

ANMC competency standards

The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia website includes competency standards for registered nurses and covers:

  • planning for continuity of care to achieve expected outcomes
  • providing comprehensive, safe and effective evidence-based nursing care to achieve identified individual/group health outcomes and
  • education of individuals/groups to promote independence and control over their health.

PHARM document: Using consumer medicine information: a guide for consumers and health professionals

This document provides some suggestions for both consumers and health professionals on how to use CMIs. There is a section specific to nurses (on page 17). Scenarios are used to suggest how CMIs can be used with a variety of clients.

Medicine Update

An update on new medicines written specifically for consumers. This publication may be useful to registered nurses in the education of residents and their families regarding new medicines. 

Consumer Medicine Information leaflets (CMIs)

Search the NPS website for medicines information. Search is by generic or brand name.

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