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Government Regulations

Government Regulations

There are many government regulations impacting on medication management. Professional subscriptions help inform the facility and staff of government regulations and changes. There are legal requirements (from both national and state governments) for storage of medicines and nursing responsibilities. Organisation policies and procedures often reference and reflect government regulations. Best practice guidelines, for example the APAC guidelines, advise how to implement government regulations. Evidence of meeting/ complying with government regulations is required for accreditation. Audit processes are used to demonstrates compliance e.g. medication system audits.



Demonstrate understanding of:

  • requirements of Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia
  • qualifications of staff
  • ethical and legal issues
  • audit, and
  • accreditation.


Demonstrate ability to:

  • develop a mechanism for staying up to date with regulation change
  • understand the implications of regulations in relation to workplace practices and delegation of responsibilities to staff, and
  • access ongoing personal development opportunities to further understand government regulations including accreditation requirements.


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